The representative local foods in Okinawa

Okinawa has some unique and nice local foods.
I will show you my recommend ones good to walk-and-eat.

오키나와에는 독특하고 근사한 음식이 있습니다.
내 추천 음식을 소개합니다.




Soki soba/소키 소바/ソーキそば

[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-35-44.png” type=”r defo”]When I think of Okinawa,I would say Soki soba![/voice]

A & W hamburger

[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-29-51.png” type=”l defo”]American style hamburger shop[/voice]


[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-35-44.png” type=”r defo”]Okinawa’s steak is pretty reasonable and tasty[/voice]

Tacos & Taco-rice/タコス&タコライス

[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-29-51.png” type=”l defo”]Tacos ingredients on the top of the rice[/voice]

Mozuku & Aosa tempra/もずくとあおさの天ぷら

[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-35-44.png” type=”r defo”]Mozuku & Aosa are kind of seaweeds[/voice]

Yukishio soft cream/雪塩ソフトクリーム

[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-29-51.png” type=”l defo”]Salt tastes soft cream[/voice]

My favorite meat rice bowl in Nostalgic restaurant “Matsuo shokudo”

Those in the know, know.

This old restaurant offer us a special meat rice bowl!
It have been in this place since before over 70years.
There is a nice nostalgic atmosphere and retro interior, like an old movie.

Meat is simmered sweet and spicy, and then put it on rice.
I prefer one that have a row egg, it’s so good!

Otherwise they have chicken and egg rice bowl and pork cutlet rice bowl, those also are popular.

Kurume where this restaurant placed is a little bit far from Fukuoka central city, but it’s worth to go there!

Matsuo Shokudo
From Tenjin station you take a train to Kurume and then take a bus to Hon-machi bus stop.

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Characteristic of Hakata, a lot of street stalls

If you come to Fukuoka, you should have to go to street stalls that is one of Characteristic of hakata!
The most famous place is Nakasu along a river side, you also would find a lot of them in Tenjin.

There are variety of local food: Hakata ramen, Yakitori, Oden and respective stalls have their original menu.
But typical menu is absolutely Tonkotsu ramen!

It’s a very popular food stall in Tenjin area.A lot of tourist people from overseas visit them.

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It’s popular especially to Korean tourist people,energetic and funny food stall.

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