The biggest fish in the world

We were in Churaumi marine museum.
They have a huge aquarium and a few Whale sharks in it, that is the biggest specie of fish in the world.

No teeth!!
[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-29-51.png” type=”l defo”]Whale shark is so big but I heard that they never attack and eat people.
They eat planktons. I wonder why they become such a big size by eating plankton.[/voice] [voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-35-44.png” type=”r defo”]In other else, there are a lot of migratory fishes like manta or sardine!
It shows the appearance of the nearest sea of around Okinawa island.[/voice]
Churaumi marine museum
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