In Yanagawa, we did river punting

Yanagawa is a little bit far from a central city of Fukuoka, but it’s a very popular tourists spot.
There are traditional japanese atmosphere and townscape.
You can walk around and shopping some souvenirs, find a comfortable cafe and have a cup of coffee, and a thing must-to-do is a punting tour.

Tourists get on a boat and go river punting.
This tiny boat is going on along a moat and you would have a nice time to see the peaceful Japanese-like scenery.

It is also interesting the traditional costume that boatman wares, if you want to feel more Japanesm, you can rent a beautiful Japanese kimono or yukata.

Let’s try it!

My friend gave me a mustard lotus root…

It is the mustard lotus root that my friend gave me as his souvenir from Kumamoto.
I would say simply about it, putting a lot mustard into lotus root’s holes and then fry it after coat with flour and some seasonings.
Of course may be not only that’s simple though, anyway that’s like it.

It tastes … just spicy, you know, because just a lot of mustard in it.
I think if you like drinking, it’ll be good with it!