The representative local foods in Okinawa

Okinawa has some unique and nice local foods.
I will show you my recommend ones good to walk-and-eat.

오키나와에는 독특하고 근사한 음식이 있습니다.
내 추천 음식을 소개합니다.




Soki soba/소키 소바/ソーキそば

[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-35-44.png” type=”r defo”]When I think of Okinawa,I would say Soki soba![/voice]

A & W hamburger

[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-29-51.png” type=”l defo”]American style hamburger shop[/voice]


[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-35-44.png” type=”r defo”]Okinawa’s steak is pretty reasonable and tasty[/voice]

Tacos & Taco-rice/タコス&タコライス

[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-29-51.png” type=”l defo”]Tacos ingredients on the top of the rice[/voice]

Mozuku & Aosa tempra/もずくとあおさの天ぷら

[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-35-44.png” type=”r defo”]Mozuku & Aosa are kind of seaweeds[/voice]

Yukishio soft cream/雪塩ソフトクリーム

[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-29-51.png” type=”l defo”]Salt tastes soft cream[/voice]

Fantastic spectacle of kawachi wisteria garden

Purple world

The next to cherry blossom, coming season of Wisteria.
In Fukuoka there are some wisteria seeing spots but I think the most must-see scenery is “Kawachi wisteria Garden”!

Their wisteria tunnel is really beautiful.

It’s the same to cherry blossom, their terms of peak are not so much long, from middle of April to early May.

This flower peak is just on the golden week: Japanese long term vacation,so many people comes here and being crowded.

Even though like that situation you would find a worth to see once in your life!

If you are going there you have to buy an advance ticket at the convenience store, seven eleven or family mart.

Kawachi wisteria garden
The official homepage.


My favorite meat rice bowl in Nostalgic restaurant “Matsuo shokudo”

Those in the know, know.

This old restaurant offer us a special meat rice bowl!
It have been in this place since before over 70years.
There is a nice nostalgic atmosphere and retro interior, like an old movie.

Meat is simmered sweet and spicy, and then put it on rice.
I prefer one that have a row egg, it’s so good!

Otherwise they have chicken and egg rice bowl and pork cutlet rice bowl, those also are popular.

Kurume where this restaurant placed is a little bit far from Fukuoka central city, but it’s worth to go there!

Matsuo Shokudo
From Tenjin station you take a train to Kurume and then take a bus to Hon-machi bus stop.

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While walking around Ureshino onsen town , we found some free foot baths

When we walked around Ureshino onsen town, we found some foot baths!
Everybody can use them for free.
We were walking around and a little bit tired but we refreshed by it.

mixed bathing♡
[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-35-44.png” type=”r defo”]There are no time limit to use but if other people is waiting their turn or wanting to join together, please have a concession each other![/voice]
Siebold’s Footbath
Anyone available to use for free all over the day.


We went to an unknow island in Okinawa

It takes about 30 minutes from Okinawa main island by ferry,we get a beautiful beach of Tsuken island.
Both of ocean and sky are so blue and water is amazing clear!

This almost unknown little island has very beautiful sea and nature.

We did snorkeling, swimming and barbecue on the beach and had a nice time.
Only a little amount of local people and tourists are there and you might feel “I’m occupying this sea now!”

If you crave a beautiful beach no people there, you should go to Tsuken island!

sweet memories
[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-29-51.png” type=”l defo”]We rented a car at Naha and went to Hirashikiya port and got on a ferry to Tsuken island.[/voice] [voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-35-44.png” type=”r defo”]If you have no license, you have to get on a train and buses to go there.[/voice] [voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-29-51.png” type=”l defo”]Umm I think it might be a little bit complicated way.[/voice] [voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-35-44.png” type=”r defo”]Right, I think so.Well, if you wanna go to Tsuken island and do some activities, we recommend you to reserve some optional tour services![/voice]
Blue style
A tour service to Tsuken island.You are getting there with marine jet.Basically their guides operate it and take you destination, if you have a license you can rent a marine jet and operate yourself.You also can make a reservation some options: barbecue, snorkeling, wake board etc.

Information and reserve

Ferry Kugani official information
It’s an official information of ferry to Tsuken island.
You are available to get on this ferry at the Heshikiya port.It takes about 30 minutes to get to Tsuken island.It does cost about 1,200yen to go there and back.
Please go their website and check how to access and a time schedule.

Information and reserve

The biggest fish in the world

We were in Churaumi marine museum.
They have a huge aquarium and a few Whale sharks in it, that is the biggest specie of fish in the world.

No teeth!!
[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-29-51.png” type=”l defo”]Whale shark is so big but I heard that they never attack and eat people.
They eat planktons. I wonder why they become such a big size by eating plankton.[/voice] [voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-35-44.png” type=”r defo”]In other else, there are a lot of migratory fishes like manta or sardine!
It shows the appearance of the nearest sea of around Okinawa island.[/voice]
Churaumi marine museum
This site deals cheap flight tickets to Ishigaki island from Naha airport or other airports. If you want to go Ishigaki island, check this site and make a reservation.


Perfectly beautiful blue sea of Ishigaki island

Ishigaki island is located almost near Taiwan, it is far from even Okinawa main island.
You need to get on an airplane or ferry to this island.

There are incredibly beautiful sea and tropical nature, actually not much of sightseeing place but if you want to do marine activities or just refresh and relax, you might feel “Here’s a heaven!”

Beautiful island

You also can go to some little islands that close to Ishigaki.
There are mangrove cruise tour, Buffalo car crossing the ocean, horse riding etc , a lot of adventures!

[voice icon=”ファイル-2018-02-19-17-35-44.png” type=”r defo”]I recommend who want to enjoy a tropical easygoing nature.[/voice]
This site deals cheap flight tickets to Ishigaki island from Naha airport or other airports. If you want to go Ishigaki island, check this site and make a reservation.

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We saw amazing all blue world under the sea

We challenged diving to the blue cave!
We have no license so participated a experience corse with instructor.

There are so blue blue scenery and a lot of fishes swimming.
It’s not kind of transparent sea, It’s completely solid blue view so I felt a little bit scary.
But it’s OK, reliable instructor was with me.

We really enjoyed this adventure and this experience absolutely would be difficult to forget.

Umegae-mochi is very popular sweets of Dazaifu

It’s the most famous tourist spot in Fukuoka I think is “Dazaifu shrine”.
Of course people visit for sightseeing or praying their hope especially success of an entrance exam.

But anyway,I would like to tell you about “Umegae mochi”, the famous and popular local sweets, you should have to eat it!

It’s a kind of rice cake, baked crunchy outside and sweet bean paste inside.

You can get one that is freshly baked there.

You can see this beautiful sunset in the summer

Here is Itoshima, it is an area of the westernmost of Fukuoka prefecture.
I have to say it is just a countryside place but since few years ago Itoshima became a very popular place for young people.

Because it has a lot of nice nature, forest, beautiful coast and beaches.
And one of those photogenic place is this place, Futamigaura.

Japanese mysterious “Trii” that is called a border between people and god is placed this coast and a little bit far from it in the sea there are two big rocks chained by god’s rope.

You’ll find a beautiful view anytime, season by season.
But you can see a more beautiful scenery in the sunset time of the summer!

Sakurai futamigaura

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